Scoreboard Selector v4 by Reich

- Import unlimited Scoreboards (SB0 till SBx)
- Scoreboard preview
- TV Channel preview
- Event preview
- Info.txt for special Scoreboard informations + copies

Referee Kits:
- Import unlimited Referee Kits (RF0 till RFx)
- Referee Kit preview
- Press “Check” to see which SB is installed.
- The FLG files in the (ScoreboardsNEL) folder are only examples from me. So you must insert there special ones for your Patch.
- For creating new folders (SB/RF) you must only create them in the same style like the other ones.
- The g_text.afs folder is only for an example. You can create them in your language, too.
- The Tool copies all the files that are in the SBx ore RFx folder and delete only the following things:

1. Extract the SB Selector.rar file
2. Put them into the PES 6 folder
3. Open the path.txt and change the path to your PES6 folder in the first line. / In the second line write your game language (g,i,f,e,s etc).
4. Save and enjoy
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