SB Selector v.5.0.2 + Team Selector (UNLIMITED Teams in PES6!!!)

Hi guys,

PES6 is now very old but still the best footballgame ever. But we have a big problem in this Community. The motivation is going down and good patchers gone because of stupid Users. I think we need a new revolution in the Editing-World. In the last days I talked with many people about one of the biggest problems in PES6. To less Teams! But what can we do? Hope that Juce get back? No, that won't be happen. We must help ourself and I think I found the best way to put PES6 on a higher level. We must think completely new. The Optionfile is DEAD! It has to many walls that we can't handle and we have no option to change this. We must outsource the Player DB from the OF like the Kits, Stadiums etc. So I start to work after all of this conversations and now I would like to present you my way for the future:

Konami gaves us the perfekt thing to handle this problem. The "ML Teamsave". This is completely perfekt. One file that contains all of the stuff that we need. It complains the Players, Emblem, Stats, Formation etc. All things that a full Team need. If we concentrate us on this area, then i think PES6 will have a golden future. I talked to MxSonic to create a Tool to Edit the ML Teamsaves. But the Teamsaves are crypted like the OF. So if we find a way to deactivate this ore someone can talk to "neogeo" , the one who create the EPT Editor for PES6, and can get the files for decrypt. Then I think we are on the right way. Because then we can create the Tool for Edit the files.

I created a litle project to start with this new area. In my opinion. We should look that we can input this ML Teamsaves like the Kits ore stadiums. The other way is to find how did PES6 did input this and use that too. For now i create an Update for the SB Selector with that you can input unlimited of Teams into PES6. Only one at the time but I will make a second update with that you can import two at one time to play against the other. With that we can select between unlimited of Teams. That is today a litle revolution but if we can handle it to change them ingame, like the offsets that reddwarf found for the Kamera and with the Tool from MxSonic with that he can change the Kamera ingame how often he like, then we are able to create a monster Database with a complete new structure.

The main thing is to create this Tool for Editing the ML Teamsaves. If we have this then the rest will be come too.

Please checkout my Tool. Look how I made this and then discuss. We need a good discussion with people that know about that what they talking and no people who say "wow, THX, AMAZING" ore dislike that. Please reddwarf, Pipa, allezlinter and all other big Editors from PES6 complete this project with your knowledge. I think we can create something big  

Now I Explain what my Tool actually does:

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __


- You can import one Team with Kits, Banner, Chants, home_stadium and the full Team in the ML Teamsave (With right Formation, Numbers, Stats, view etc)

- All of this can you import how often you like and you can import in the tool so much Teams you like too. The creation is very simple and you know it if you look one time in a Teamfolder

The software copies three folders

1. The Folder with the banner
2. The Folder with the Chants
3. The Folder with the ML Teamsave
4. It writes the line for the Kits in the uni-map.txt
5. It writes the line for the home stadium in the home_map.txt

ATTENTION: For point 4+5 your map.txt from the uni and stadiums MUST haven't any tabs!!! The Tool writes everytime in line 222 the Kit and Stadiumpath for the selected Team (ID 221).

I would like to talk something about creating a ML Teamsave. I handle it very simple with that. For example: I create the Russia Premier League in this Tool. I download the RPL Patch. Export the Banner, Emblems (Chants not yet, don't know where they are) and the optionfile. Then I made the stucture from the Teamfolders. Put all things in there and put the RPL OF as Backup too in this Teamfolder. Then I open my normal used OF with OF Editor and go to the ML Team. There are 23 Players with the ID from 4414 till 4436. This is important because this Players never left this place. They allway are in this Team for every new ML Teamsave. In the future we can import so face-hairs too with the Teams. Next I open the RPL OF too. I Import the Players from the Team which I like over the Players from ML Team. I overwrite them 23 Players (More can import too, but not for testing) and save the OF. Now I start PES6 => New ML => Create own Team => Use the first one in the list => Change the Name and the Emblem (Which I imput before in the 536) and start the ML. Before the first match I save the ML Team (Maybe if you like you can change the formation and numbers but I didn't that for testing). Only save the Team. Not the whole ML! And that's it. It's so easy to handle.

With this litle steps we are able create hundrets of Teams without delete one.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __

Referee-Kit Selector:

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __

Scoreboard Selector:


If Line 5 from the Info.txt in the Scoreboards (SBx) is:

"Entree: ....." => NO Folder will be copie, too.

"Entree: BL" => Folder "BL" will be copy, too.

"Entree: Copa Libertadores" => Folder "Copa Libertadores" will be copy, too.

"Entree: EPL" => Folder "EPL" will be copy, too.


"Entree: UEFA Champions League" => Folder "UEFA Champions League" will be copy, too.

"Entree: UEFA Europa League" => Folder "UEFA Europa League" will be copy, too.

Only the default folders are usable. You can't create new one!



If Line 7 from the Info.txt in the Scoreboards (SBx) is:

"FLG: Names" => Folder "Names" will be copy, too.

"FLG: Embleme" => Folder "Embleme" will be copy, too.

"FLG: Letters" => Folder "Letters" will be copy, too.

"FLG: CollarLetters" => Folder "CollarLetters" will be copy, too.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __

================================================== ================================================== ===================


SB Selector v.5.0.2

Kits for testing v.1.1

The Romania Teams haven't a teamsave. So don't use them ore create a ML Teamsave for yourself with a Team from another OF. Maybe I make them in the next days. But today no time.

The uninstal button for the Teams isn't working today. If I have time I make them tomorrow.

================================================== ================================================== ===================


1. Download and extract into the PES6 Folder

2. Change in the Path.txt the path for your PES6 folder (1st line)

3. Change in the Path.txt the language for your PES6 (2rd line) => g,e,i,f,p,r...etc

4. Change in the Path.txt the path for your Optionfile folder (3rd line)

5. Change the FLG Files because they are for my patch and not compatible with yours. => Only if you would like to use the SB and Referee function too.

6. Import the the Kits from the Kitfolder into your uni. Then you can change them with the 3rd line of the info2.txt. I hope I can change that automaticly in the next edition 
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