Mini Stad Selector v.1.0

Hi guys!
When I played PES6 for the same command I used often same stadium (home team stadium). Periodically I was bothered with appearance of stadium, it seemed me boring, monotonous and is frequent also not so realistic. Then editing of stadiums on the basis of real, fresh and actual sources, such as a photos and videos from the Internet, and also television translations of football matches became the first step to realness. But having been engaged in work on the given theme, I have understood that my skills yet don't suffice for stadium creation completely to make its such as I want. I needed to correct a graphic component of stadium only. But also here I have faced a problem, - real stadium with all design, variety of advertizing and other fine details looked much richer than the copy from PES6. I have understood that six standardly available stadium files ("stad1_main.bin" in folders 1_day_fine, 2_day_rain, 3_day_snow, 4_night_fine, 5_night_rain, 6_night_snow) and one advertizing ("default.bin" in a folder adboards_tex) can not suffice for reflection of all stadium's versions in game: uses of different turf, advertizing and other... And I have started to think of the given theme, something to think out. The small tool - Mini Stad Selector v.1.0 by Alex1912.exe became result of my thoughts, ideas and works. I am assured that if I or somebody another won't think up something the best on this theme in due course in each folder with stadium in mine kitserver'е (and may be not only mine) there will be such small tool. 
- Current version: 1.0
- Author: Alex1912
- License: Open Source
- Platforms: DOS, OS/2, Windows


This tool should be put in a folder of stadium which you want to make various. This tool must start before start PES6. The program doesn't demand installation on your PC. The program at start suggests you to choose language (the given version comprises English and Russian languages). After a choice of language you get to the basic menu Mini Stad Selector which contains three points:
- 1 Choice manually;
- 2 Choice random manually;
- 3 Choice random automatic.
After each data input to the program you should press ENTER.
So, having in stock a little "stad1_main.bin" files from the same mode of weather/time of day/season (1_day_fine, 2_day_rain..., 6_night_snow), or a little "default.bin" files, it is necessary to copy these files (or to move (as you want)) in corresponding folders of stadium naming them "0.bin", "1.bin", "2.bin", "3.bin" etc... (Depends on that, how many such files you have). All folders of stadium already should contain files "stad1_main.bin" and "default.bin". If except just added new files you wish to use old "stad1_main.bin" and "default.bin" files they also should be renamed by already stated principle ("0.bin", "1.bin", "2.bin", "3.bin"...). Change only files "stad1_main.bin" and "default.bin". Files "stad2_entrance.bin", "stad3_adboards.bin", "crowd_a0.str"..., "crowd_h3.str" don't touch. I think that all is simple and clear :-) Re-read once again or try to communicate with me if something haven't understood!  Have gone further...
Logically that each added file differs something especial (at my works it is new more realistic graphic stadiums textures).
Using menu point "1 Choice manually" you have possibility as it is already clear from the point name manually to choose from available files a new file which will execute function "stad1_main.bin" or "default.bin" file during your game. For this purpose it is necessary at first from offered list to choose the necessary folder and then the necessary file ("0.bin", "1.bin", "2.bin", "3.bin"...) having typed number. The program will prompt the possible list for a choice.
Using menu point "2 Choice casually manually" from available additional files "stad1_main.bin" or "default.bin" the program itself will random choose replacements and will reinstall. That is for you each new reinstallation is unexpected, unpredictable. Certainly it is all that more interesting than more versions of stadium you have. Thus even if you play two matches successively on one stadium in the same mode of weather/time of day/season, it absolutely at all doesn't mean that the stadium will look exactly also, as in last match. Here it is already possible to give vent to the design bents and to make to itself a heap of versions of stadium of the favourite club or a national team, for example.  For repeated reinstallation simply press any button.
Using menu point "3 Choice random automatic" (my preferable) you shouldn't distract on a manual choice of versions of stadium or manual random switching. The program does all completely itself. After each played match the program replaces all aforementioned files in a random way. You play in the same stadium, but each time you have a new adboards... I like it very much. But this operating mode of the program can be used only if you have installed tool PesStatisticCenter. In "Adress.txt" it is necessary to type a way to a folder in which installed PesStatisticCenter (Example: C:\Games\PES6\STATIST). PesStatisticCenter is the useful program which collects all your game statistics from PES6 (goals, shots, cards, corners, possession, balance of victories-defeats and many other things...). I think that it will be interesting to everybody.
From any menu of data input in Mini Stad Selector by means of hotkey "*" you can get to the main menu of the program; with the help hotkey "#" - you can get to the menu of a language choice; with the help hotkey "+" - you can look at the program information; with the help hotkey "-" - you can look at the list of hotkeys. (After data input don't forget to press Enter  )
Mini Stad Selector at the first start will create a file named "Report.log" which will contain the report on work and program actions, your manual or random selections of stadium files, current program language, date and time of actions, quantity of additional files for replacement.
1_day_fine, 2_day_rain, 3_day_snow, 4_night_fine, 5_night_rain, 6_night_snow and adboards_tex folders shouldn't comprise any extraneous files with expansion ".bin". I.e. folder contents:

- crowd_a0.str
- crowd_a1.str
- crowd_a2.str
- crowd_a3.str
- crowd_h0.str
- crowd_h1.str
- crowd_h2.str
- crowd_h3.str
- stad1_main.bin
- stad2_entrance.bin
- stad3_adboards.bin
- 0.bin
- 1.bin
- 2.bin
- .......
- .......

- default.bin
- 0.bin
- 1.bin
- 2.bin
- .......
- .......

P.S.: if for any reason the program has shown you an error (happens sometimes at start), you should close the program, press F5 and try to start it again. I'm sure that you will manage to understand! 
Thanks for using Mini Stad Selector v.1.0 by Alex1912
Enjoy yourselves! I wish you pleasant game!
--- Alex1912 ---
Mini Stad Selector v.1.0 by Alex1912 (Tool + Pes Statistic Center) Download:
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