[PES 2009] Total Soccer 2011/12

Total Soccer Patch Winter 2011-12 Improvements to patch brings:
**** New Menu New Balls ****
**** New kits for season 2011-12 
**** New 100 emblems % accurate for all teams 
**** Collection biggest scoreboard in bonus + 
**** New leagues and cups 
**** Video when entering the game 
**** New jerseys for referees 
**** Uefa Champions League, and Uefa Europa League in Master League and Become A Legend 
**** A lot of new faces **** 
**** New stadiums 
**** Scoreboard are in Bonus + folder, list: B92 * Eurosport *** **** Sky Sky Italia **** **** Sport television Uefa **** Scoreboard **** Uefa Champions League Uefa Europa League **** **** Canal + 
**** Euro 2012 in Master League and Become A Legend. 
GAMEPLAY ============= 
Two types of gameplay 
Normal Gameplay ———————- Normal is the default gameplay gameplay that is the one that came with the Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 second 
Total Soccer Gameplay ——— Total Soccer gameplay improves the movement of players. Reduced the strength of debris, the acceleration of players, short and long dog, increased speed of defensive players, so it’s harder to run, nike increased capacity, enhanced defense to all players, reinforced head and jump shot, strengthened by turning the ball over the summer , reduced versatility players. recommend you to play with Total Soccer Gameplay.

Instruction Install :
1.Copy kitserver folder to where you installed PES 2009
2.Extract the kitserver folder
3.Copy these folders (cv0a.img, cv01.img, cv02.img, cv03.img, cv05.imgcv06.img, cv09.img, rv0c_e.img , cs0d.img, pdata.img) to the kitserver folder
4.Copy the Folder GDB into the kitserver .
5.Extract the folder Gampeplay, insider the folder gameplay there are new and normal, open normal and you will find the Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 folder
Copy that folder to the path below
C: \ Documents and Settings \ user \ My Documents \ KONAMI
6. open the kitserver folder, and run setup.exe, and install
you are done!!!
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