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X-Men The official RIP Full Free Games Download, X-Men are a fictional group from the book superhero created byMarvel Comics Universe. Creator is Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and first published in September 1963. X-Men have been published into several forms such as comics, movies, television shows (tv series and cartoons), action figures and video games.

X-Men story concerns about the presence of the mutant on Earth. Mutant is a term for humans that evolved in the late teens to be superhuman, in which the power that far exceeds the ordinary man. The mutants are divided into groups, two groups are quite well known and contradictory ideology is X-Men led by Professor Charles Xavier (Professor X), and the Brotherhood of Mutants led by Magneto.

Brotherhood of Mutants

Known also as "The Brotherhood", formerly known as the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Magnetowas founded by some in the 1960s. The team considers that the mutant is more superior as compared to normal humans. After the main members separated, then this team could be raised again by Mystique in 1981 and founded kembail by Toad in 1990. The Brotherhood of Mutants also appeared in several animated films featuring the X-Men and Magneto's group at the X-Men movie series.

Wolverine is a member of the X-Men. Born with the name James Howlett. Another name is Logan or Weapon-X. Wolverine's own words taken from the name of the animal from California who is believed to be incarnation of the devil. Rumors that someone has seen animals eat the bear whose size is bigger than himself.

In the story narratedWolverine X-men forgotten memories. Then he met with Charles Xavier, or Professor. X who then promised to help him to find his true identity. By the time he first entered the X-Mansion, he met with Jean Grey and immediately fell in love with her. But Jean had belonged to Scott Summers aka Cyclops. In addition to meeting with Jean, Wolverine also has a lot of things after his meeting with Prof.X, such as clashing with the men that Sabretooth Magneto, Mistique and others.

It is told also that Wolverine is the object of a Super Soldier Experiment, headed by William Stryker, so Wolverine has a strong frame made of adamantium (the type of metal that only exist in the fictional world of Marvel Comics) The following are three claws that could come and go from the sidelines fingers (except the thumb between the index finger). Before becoming the object of the experiment, Wolverine has had its own privileges as a mutant, which can heal wounds or illness itself quickly or regeneration and also has a nose and a wild animal instincts. The specialty is what makes Stryker interested to make objects for military experiments they super. Then they combine a team led by Wolverine.

After Wolverine will know William Stryker malice, then he came out of the organization. After a few years later, William Stryker reappears to warn of the Wolverine Because one of their collection of experts who formerly had been killed .Tetapi Wolverine does not care.Wolverine female friend had been murdered by Victor Creedalias Sabretooth.Wiliam Stryker has given an offer to Wolverine if he wanted to kill Victor Creed.

Namely by running experiments on her body. Having found the Victor Creed has been hired by Wiliam Stryker.Wolverine both wanted to kill her. Wolverine Victor Creed helps when an opponent with a "Deadpool" aka Weapon 11. William Stryker Wolverine memory has been eliminated with a shot in the head using adamantium bullets. Eventually William Stryker was arrested for the murder of the soldiers caused a general wish to pursue evil designs. After wandering for a couple of years without knowing who her, enter the organization finally held Wolverine X-Men.

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System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

RAM: 256MB
Video Memory: 64MB DirectX 9 compatible graphics card
Only supplied on DVD?: Yes
Hard Drive Space: 2GB
Operating System: Windows 2000/XP
DirectX Version: 9.0

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