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Free Games Download-Game 25 to Life is a 3D action game, this game is similar or like the GTA games, the which the story of gangster game, weapons in this game are also quite a lot of Them, grenades, snipers, pistols and even bats a weapon, his music is also cool-cool gameplay, the excess of this game is That We Can use civilian hostages as human shields.

Gangster action movie version of Eidos invites players into the forefront of this war. War is horrible and brutal place in the dark streets in big cities. Here, only the fastest, most daring, desperate bridge in May withdrew from the battle-winning ... The plot reveals a multifaceted thrilling story of three characters, the player the opportunity to hold different "side of the fence" - as a champion of law and its Enemies.

Product Features:

-Playing in three different characters
-50 Slaughter weapons
-Online Battle of up to 16 players
Soundtrack, hip-hop star, Enemies 2Pac, Common, Xzibit, Tech N9ne, DMX, etc.

25 To Life is a third-person shooter that is too simple a story-driven single-player modes and team based multiplayer modes.

Single player starts you in the role of Freeze, a gangster who tries to get out of the game and escape with his wife and children. You are required to do "one last job," which, of course, goes spectacularly wrong and ruin everything.

You will also play as a cop surrounded by dirty cops and a gang leader to be Disposed to Mexico only to eventually take over the organized crime scene there by force.

The story is all over the place, and since the playable characters is as far as A Certain connected, you are never really sure if you play as a good guy or bad guy. But the narrative is so lame it probably will not care about you.

Single-player action boils into hiding around the corner, popping, and cut down as many enemies as you can. You'll find a bunch of different weapons - including pistols, dual pistols, light machine guns, assault rifles, rocket launchers and even a law or two.

In case you were stupid enough to get up close, you will also be packing a melee weapon, a knife or hammer or anything dry. There is almost always enough ammo around to prevent you from having to switch to your melee weapon, and there's usually enough health around - at least on the default difficulty setting - to prevent the game from ever too difficult, assuming you're careful and do not stand out in the open . The radar display shows the position of the enemy, Which is better to let you know when you are safe and if you have a problem coming around the corner.

Environments vary, giving you outdoor and indoor levels to play in. You'll walk through some of Los Angeles such as roads, robbing banks and casinos, run through the streets of Tijuana, and out of prison riots Over.

There is a good amount of variety, although there is no environment is very important. Most contain only a single path That leads you from start to finish as you blast your way through the short story mode game.

When you play through single player, you will open a new custom items for use in multiplayer. Team-based multiplayer is cops versus criminals for up to 16 players in four modes.

War is your basic team deathmatch. Raid puts Criminals defensive As They protect their savings from the police. Robbery puts a series of booty on the map, the criminals must steal and return their base while police tried to prevent them from doing so.

Tag Criminals Criminals hole in the war against graffiti. Taggable walls act as control points, and it is up to your team to hold the map to get as many points as possible. If you prefer, you can disable or limit respawns to adjust the finality of death.

While the focus on team play multiplayer setup makes like Sony's popular SOCOM series at a glance, you will not find one game of tactical That element here. Death Comes quickly if you expose yourself to enemy fire too long. Overall, this is a simple mode that does not not beat the competition on each of the three platforms.

25 Life is available on the PC, Xbox and PlayStation 2, and experience is roughly the same across all three platforms. PC offers slightly better control, with a standard mouse and-keyboard setup, but Xbox and PS2 versions control just fine. However, a bug in the PC version Caused all the music that constantly jump, forcing us to disable it. Xbox and the PS2 version comes with a CD soundtrack, though easy missing all the best music games, while the PC version comes with a Freeze playing cards for use with the collectible card game Street Warriors.

This like Max Payne without the fun!

Graphically, this game is not much to see. The bland environments and prominent generic character animation and cloth dolls such as physics falling Bodies look cheap, especially when the Dead Body clip right through solid objects.

The sound effects are equally standard - you've heard shots in the video game before, right? Passable voice acting, although the low quality of the script negate one of the better actors who voice game. The soundtrack is a mix of quality hip-hop, Both old and new. This is great, which makes the PC version of the musical bug all the more disappointing. Containing classics from Boogie Down Productions Public Enemy ("Black Steel in theHour of Chaos" plays a long prison riot scene, which is perfect, even if the game your motives are not incompatible with ) Song, it's the high point of the entire package.

While 25 Life works as intended, the shooting of three people who do not are not distinguish itself in any way, so it feels like a sad Max Payne clone - That style of game and less acrobatic shot-dodge maneuvers.

The multiplayer functional, yet thoroughly unexciting. Even if you're a fan of subject matter, you could certainly be better than 25 to Life.

25 to Life is a pc game similar to GTA. but, in game 25 to Life is, you can choose to play as a cop or a gangster. game 25 to Life is one of choice if you are pleased with the action.

25 to Life is the third-person action game with a terrible aiming mechanic and woefully inadequate controls. As you might assume, is not far to make the game as unnecessary frustrating and confusing as possible.

In it, you'll be able to use various weapons, including pistols some SMGs, rifles, grenades and Molotov cocktails. Each stage plays out through a painful linear series of arena battles. In other words, you enter an area, kill the enemy, take health packs floating, moving to the next area, killing more people. That's pretty much it.

With the game so specifically focused on the battle, it's amazing how limited your character is in terms of ability. After playing through the game's first two levels, you've seen pretty much all there is to see.

Anyone you can control the squat, walk around, wall safes and sometimes leaning side to side. Leaning is the only combat option that might have proved worthwhile or added somestrategy, but as it stands it's pretty much useless.

For one, you do not really lean that far, so you can not see more of the battle area than if you just run out from behind cover.

Second, real slim slow, which means if there are enemies around who knows where you are, they will shoot you. Third, once seen, the enemy will always seem to know when you will lean out.

Basically, this means fighting from cover awkward and ineffective. This is especially true because the enemy will often lean out from cover too.

In many cases you can not see exactly where your enemy and because control rests so slow to respond, you will have to stand in the open to know when you can shoot them. Do not get the wrong impression here, simply because the enemy does not mean they are smart shelter.

Video Trailer 25 To Life :

System Requirements:

• Windows 2000/Windows XP
• Pentium IV 1.4GHz (or AthlonXP equivalent)
• RAM: 256 MB System Memory
• GRAPHICS: DirectX 9 compatible 64MB Direct3D Card with Pixel Shader 1.1 support
• SOUND: DirectX 9 compatible Sound Card
• HARD DRIVE: 2 GB free disk space

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Enjoy The Games.
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