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At first Resident Evil game for computer (PC) is not quite satisfactory. However, through the Resident Evil 5 (RE5), Capcom has provided a big surprise for the PC gamer.

The story begins in a city in Africa named Kijuju, players who play as Chris Redfield had anticipated his arrival by Sheva Alomar as one of the officers Bioterrorism SecurityAssessment Alliance (BSAA), who served in Africa.

The main task of the hero is to uncover the suspected terrorists using biological weapons to 'change' the lives of the urban Kijuju. And to complete the mission, players will always be assisted by Sheeva.

You could say the PC version of this game very long adrift with the release of the console version, which is about 6 months. And again the reason is different graphics.

Indeed it is not only boast only, RE5 PC version adopting some technologies owned by Nvidia. Such as the use of PhysX and Stereoscopic 3D, which became a mainstay featureof this game.

Late Comes with Additional Features

The game does not differ much with the console version, but there are some changes that facilitate navigation through the PC. For example inventory with Chris and Sheva, players can easily access apaun is in it just by pressing the numbers 1 to 9 on the keyboard.

In contrast to using a gamepad which will slightly slow down access to the menu. Using the mouse was classified as very helpful to complete each mission.

This game is also designed to support the Games for Windows Live, which will make it easier for players to play with other gamers in the virtual world.

The most striking difference is in terms of graphics. RE5 PC version is claimed would be the optimal use of computer-based Core i7, to prove we're trying to play this game on the Core i7-based systems with Nvidia's GTX 260 graphics card.

The result? The graphics are presented is truly amazing, every zombie in this game looks so real and frightening. On the use of high resolution, clear graphics quality RE5 PC version is better than the console version.

Then let alone the difference? Besides cosmetic problems, there are also other differences in content of this game, players on the PC version will get two extra games when it had finished this game. This is certainly not find in the console version.

Slightly Near Perfect

RE5 we consider a good score in every way. Start of an interesting storyline, the graphics are very attractive to the sound structure that can make the heart beat hard.

But the most unfortunate thing is the control system in this game. Players will not be free to do battle, the article of the player movement will be limited when using a weapon.

Players can only be fixed when using firearms or knives, while hunting zombie action would be very interesting if it can be done while moving. Moreover, the living dead came from different directions.

Control systems began to add annoying when players were running, navigation should be easy to use mouse even become more complicated because players can not maneuver quickly.

Bored with the keyboard and mouse, we switched to using the gamepad. As a result, even more annoying. Navigation system is far more difficult than using a keyboard and mouse.

It is indeed very unfortunate, considering all aspects of RE5 already have a dream of gamers. Although, it should be realized, none of the games would look perfect in the eyes of gamers.

+ Graphics captivating
+ A good story line
+ Tense

- Shittim control annoying

In reviewing this game, we use a system based on Intel Core i7 965, Intel DX580SO, Digital Alliance GTX 260, Corsair HX1000W, Corsair Dominator 6GB kit and operating system Windows 7.

Resident Evil 5 Trailer :

Resident Evil 5 minimum Requirements :

• OS: Windows XP
• CPU: Intel Pentium D / AMD Athlon 64 X2
• RAM: 1 GiByte Windows Vista / 512 MiByte Windows XP
• HDD: 8.0 GByte
• Monitor: 800 x 600 pixels
• Graphics card: 256 MiByte VRAM / Shader Model 3.0 / Nvidia Geforce 6800 / Ati Radeon HD 2400 Pro
• Input: Mouse and keyboard

Resident Evil 5 recommended Requirements :

• OS: Windows Vista
• CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad / AMD Phenom X4
• RAM: 2 GiByte Windows Vista / 1 GiByte Windows XP
• HDD: 8.0 GByte
• Monitor: 1,280 x 720
• Graphics card: 512 MiByte VRAM / Nvidia Geforce 9800 / Ati Radeon HD 4800
• Input: Xbox 360 Controller for Windows

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Enjoy The Games.
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