Portable Metal Slug X Full Mediafire Download

Portable Metal
 Slug X (PC Game)
Portable Metal Slug X

Nothing like a good firefight to start your day off right, and nothing else lights that fuse better than a ride on SNK's wild NeoGeo shooter series Metal Slug. This newest in the series cranks that mamajama up with more levels, more characters, more enemies, more explosions, more ride-alongs, more incredible bosses, more graphics, more booming sounds, more... Well, let's just say that ‘less' is not an option for this hardcore shooter series. The action goes nuclear again as players get to tag in a buddy and choose from several rough-neck characters to shred through some shrapnel in dozens of stages and mini-missions. Players will get to jump aboard the Metal Slug Tank, the bombardier Flying Slug, the menacing Slugnoid, and even slide into the hoopty-hump of the Camel Slug! Special Art Galleries open up if you've got the skills to bust this nut open, so lock and load, and don't stop shooting until the machine gun barrel melts on you.

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