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Moto Racer 3 Gold Edition [Rip] The game presents a variety of new game modes, circuits, bikes and bonuses for extra challenges, sensations and life expectancy.

Automotive motor racing is a sport that uses a motorcycle. Motor racing, particularly the road race, is quite popular in Indonesia. Almost every week in various regions in Indonesia organized motor racing event. In addition to road race, other types of motor racing which is quite often held is motocross, drag bike, grasstrack and supersport.

There are various types of sports that use a means of motor racing. Federation Internationale de Motorcyclisme (FIM) is the international agency that serves overshadow the various types of activities the sport of motor racing.

Because there are many various types and forms of the motor, then there are also various types pelombaan and motor racing championship, among others:

Road racing or road racing in pure form or its origin is a contested race on public roads, such as the trajectory of the Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy), the Grand Prix of Macau and several trajectories in Ireland. Because due to the danger that is not released from the highway like a narrow lane, sidewalks, and walls, is generally transferred to road racing now trajectories are built.

Circuit Racing or the racing circuit, which is where the motor-bike racing are specially designed or mass production of motors is modified to compete with one another in a circuit which is also specially designed. MotoGP is an example of top class racing is to race bike designed specifically for racing and not sold freely, while World Superbike race to race is an example of mass production motorcycles and sold freely, but with modifications to suit conditions.

Classic Racing is a classic race where participants race a motorbike which has been modified heavily from the early era - usually the motors before the mid 70's.

Motokross and cousin Supercross at lombakan on the track muddy, usually featuring motorcycle jumps over great distances.

Supermoto is a combination of road racing and motokross. Motor is used generally is a type of motor bike motokross with road racing tires. Trajectory used for the race and also a mix of street tracks or muddy ground.

Speedway Speedway and the ice is held in circuit race elliptical (oval) in which the driverscompete in a style that is typical speedway mengepotkan (turned by sliding the rear wheel) motors for easy pass through a circuit that only the oval-shaped.

Endurance bike (Enduro), where the race at lombakan the long period of time, and with a natural trajectory, even over remote areas. Paris-Dakar Rally and the Six Day Endurance is an example.

Rally racing motorcycle enduro or other types based on collecting points in thedrivers and did not achieve an absolute focus on the overall travel time participants. Rallies in lombakan within a few days and thousands of miles, with bonus points are awarded if successfully reached thedestination and place the bids. The Iron Butt Association is the body that often hold such rallies.
Motor trial in which participants are dbentuk motorhome specifically with their light weight and with a flexible suspension. Participants had to conquer a variety of artificial obstacles such as boxes, tires, barrels are piled and other obstacles. Competition is also conducted in the natural barrier of rocks. Participants in required to pass through obstacles with errors to a minimum to be a champion.

Drag Race motor (also known as sprints) in which two participants start behind a line of the same star with star sign of light. After a star turn on the lights of two bike riders spur straight trajectory through the two quarter of a mile, where they noted the travel time and counted. Rider with the shortest record time through the finish line is the winner.

Hill Climb is where a rider up or try to climb a hill or muddy ground with a motor. The motors are used in specifically designed with a swing arm (swing arm) long and special tires motokross style. Drivers who reach the highest point on the hill or up the hill the fastest is the winner.

Land Speed ​​in which a single drive motor racing driver passing a straight line along one to three miles (usually done on the surface of a lake that dried up) The drivers should attempt to make the fastest time and passing the previous record with racers in the class or by type of motor worn, so that names are recorded in the record books.

Moto Racer 3 Gold Edition is very easy to access and complete. This is the only motorbike game to offer so many disciplines in both solo and multiplayer modes.Moto Racer 3 GoldEdition gives both seasoned players and beginners at all the high-octane thrills of songs, up to 8 players.

All the pomp Motosports - edition «gold». You can cut a wide swath in the beam, spotlights, high jump take-off at an indoor stadium. Lap crazy speed motogonok classic ring.

Beneath the roar of the stands to jump in front, the rear wheels on the obstacles complicated - certainly not to touch the foot of the ground. And, finally, to make the race suicide in the streets of the crowded city, past proklinaya shame to lose all the drivers ..


Easy handling: quick to pick up, on all types of two-wheeled machines.
50 different models of bicycles (10 that is really new).

6 different disciplines: Superbike, Traffic, Trial, Supercross, Motocross, Freestyle.

A whole host of circuits (including three new) and real decorations like: the Suzuka Circuit (Japan), Barcelona (Spain), Sachsenring (Germany), Eastern Creek (Australia) and the Stade de France.

3 difficulty levels: easy, normal and hard.

A store to buy new items to improve vehicles, using credits earned in Solo mode.
Up to 8 players can race using LAN or Internet.

New bonus unlocked: scooters, cars, pocket-bikes, an army bike, and space age bike, as well as extra tracks and pigs fly.

Gameplay MotoRacer 3 Gold Edition :

System Requirements

Pentium 1.8 Mhz
the RAM: 256 MB
Video Card: 128 MB

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Enjoy The Games.
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