Free Download Crash Time 4 The Syndicate Full RIP Version Games (428MB)

Crash Time 4 The Syndicate Full RIP Version Games-Crash time appointed of the TV series in Germany Entitled "Alrm fur Cobra 11". The series tells of a pair of cops lunge autobahm named Semir and Ben. Unlike the other police, Semir and Ben have a specialization in terms of driving, especially driving in high speed. Armed with these capabilities, they catch criminals who roam the streets.

Crash Time series may be less popular here, but the graphics quality is not less flashy than like the more famous games such as Need For Speed ​​series. Very realistic picture of the vehicle, coupled with high environmental detail and almost all are interactive. Effect of damage on the car looked convincing, began justbroken glass, the hood flew, until the tire off. Weakness is the lack of graphics pedestrians. Unless the cars on the streets, the town was deserted of its citizens. Another relatively minor drawback, namely the absence of a license. So do not expect to find famous brands on the car that used the two hero game.

Another interesting side of Crash Time 4 is its gameplay. Unlike the game is quite varied. In addition to the pursuit and stop criminals by all means, Semir and Ben sometimes have to follow them without being noticed, escorting them to prison, and several other missions. The good news is the game control is fairly easy and responsive. This at least would be very helpful to maneuver in heavy traffic.

Weakness of the gameplay comes from the AI ​​for your partner. AI baik.Mereka them less often unable to avoid a collision or even a lucky collision. In some cases, weakness was led to criminals being pursued escaped. Or, maybe that's the main selling the game? The collision, just like the title.

In Crash Time 4: The Syndicate you have to chase a criminal syndicate, whose members are trying to stop police and gain control over the entire Cologne. You will play a major character in the famous German TV series Alarm for Cobra 11, Shemer and Ben. Mission in Crash Time 4: The Syndicate will be based on the events of the series. You will need to patrol the Cologne, look for members of the syndicate, who are scattered all through the city streets, and put an end to their criminal acts. In Crash Time 4: The Syndicate there is a multiplayer mode for up to eight people.

Trailer Crash Time 4 The Syndicate :

System requirements:

Windows 2000/XP/Vista;
Processor: Core 2 Duo;
Memory: 2 GB;
Video card: 512 Mb;
Sound Card compatible with DirectX 9.0c;
DVD-ROM: 8x speed.

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