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                                                             Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2

As you wrap your hands on the steering wheel, you can feel the metal beast trembling.  Suddenly the other racers around you come to life and you slam your foot on the pedal, making your own racer dart out into the open road at top speed.  From behind you comes the police in their equally fast and sophisticated vehicles, their only intent is to stop this illegal race no matter what.  In Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2, all you can do is strap on your seat belt and gun it--this is one wild race.

You have a slew of fast cars at your disposal from the sleek and sexy Dodge Viper GTS to the fast and furious Ferrari 360 Spider.  And again, the basic objective is to elude police cars that are trying to put an end to the race or you can do the chasing as the police (complete with spike strips, road blocks and helicopter support).  The emphasis is on speed and quick reflexes as yourace to win while trying not to get rammed off the road.

There are five different ways of playing the game: Hot Pursuit, Championship, Single Challenge, Quick Race andMultiplayer.  Quick Race takes gamers directly into the racing action whole Hot Pursuit is a more orderly game mode that takes you through a list of thirty-three challenges while eluding the police to gain the Ultimate Road Racer title.  Championship is similar, only here there is no police interference. Single Challenge is a customizable game mode where you can design the race with or with police interference and the number of racing opponents.  And Multiplayer is an Internet or LAN multiplayer mode where there are no computer-controlled opponents, just players either friends or just fellow gamers from all over.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 for the PC is not the best version of this really great game, but it still has enough racing action to be top of its class.  With okay graphics and a few stutters and bumps along the way, there is plenty of racing modes and an option to play with other gamers usinginternet that makes this a worthwhile game for PCgamers.



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